Ocean Balls

Ball Pool - More than a sea of ​​colorful balls
A ball pool brings a lot of colorful fun and helps children in their development in many ways. It's a joy for the little ones. This activity is a great way for children to interact with friends or to play on their own. Even adults can feel young again and take a bath in a pool of Ocean Balls™.


5 different colors

Choose your favorite Ocean Ball color or a combination of colors!






Play and learn

In childhood we learn and experience so many important things. These early experiences help us make important decisions later in life.

Through the game, children can experience fun and joy, adventure and role play, internalize the impressions they have experienced. This game is very helpful when it comes to developing creativity and imagination. The little ones should be encouraged by their parents to immerse themselves in this valuable pastime.

There's hardly an adult who does not remember playing this game. Children can play independently while the parents are busy doing other important things. This short separation of the child from the parents is important for self-confidence.

Educationally valuable

A ball pool is not only a fun pastime but it is also educational and it promotes social skills. Children look almost everywhere for games that build character so they can get to know their own strengths as well as their weaknesses. Ball pools will make it easier for the little ones to find playmates and make many friends in a short time.

There are no limits for the imagination and carefree time. The light plastic balls catch every dive safely so that even the most daredevil leap is injury-free.

An effort has to be made to move around the ball pool and in doing so children use both their arms and legs. This is a very useful exercise for the entire body and it helps with the proper development of the muscles.

A joyful bath in the ball tent

Sets of various numbers of plastic balls can be ordered and used to fill small or large containers or even rooms. A ball tent is recommended for children and it can be used indoors or outdoors. These tents are light, made of colored textile which is mostly transparent. Their interior can be filled with the desired number of Oceanballs and the fun can start!

The ball tent takes up a rather small amount of space making it possible to set it up almost anywhere, in the nursery or in the living room. Thanks to a reachable entrance children can easily access the ball tent. Closing this entrance prevents the Oceanballs from flying out and getting lost. When no longer needed, the play tents are easily dismantled and stored away to save space. The plastic balls can be stored neatly in boxes.

Even though a ball pool is mainly used as a playground for the children and promotes, among other things, movement and motor skills, this product can also be a great source of fun for adults. It can be used as a ball pool at a party or to let off steam at the office. Even pets look forward to take part in this game!


Each box contains 100 Ocean Balls. In order to avoid choking hazards we do not pack our products in plastic bags.
Box size: 60x40x20 cm.
Bog weight: 0.68 kg.



L - 60 cm
W - 40 cm
H - 20 cm




100 pcs


ø 6 cm

Certification mark

CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Minimum age

There is no minimum age for children to play in a ball pool but they should not be left unsupervised.

Safe for children

Ocean Balls are designed as a non-toxic and safe toy. They promote hand-eye coordination, sensory learning, motor and social skills, color and counting recognition.

Perfect size

Each ball measures 6 centimeters in diameter, a perfect size for a small child's hand.


Thickness - 0.53mm

100% Full Air

Strength - Above 100kg

What about safety and health?

The colorful Ocean Balls are light and soft and made of non-toxic plastic. There is no minimum age for children to play in a ball pool but they should not be left unsupervised.

Young children who are not yet able to walk independently should never play unattended. Similarly, the amount of Ocean Balls should be adapted to the size of the children. It may happen that a child panics when it falls and is covered by the plastic balls.

Please make sure the children are playing safely. The Ocean Balls are safe to play with as they are big enough not to be swallowed. They are made of odorless non-toxic plastic.

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